Thursday, July 3, 2008

Points and Condenser Preservation Society

Something that is true of me is that I never seem to take pictures of people. As this weekend is one of my most social events, the monthly gathering for the Points and Condenser Preservation Society Open House, I decided to post a few pictures to show that I do know one or two real people. The car in the picture above is Bill Milliken's replica of a Chrysler Le Mans racer.

Some of the photos below are of lesser quality because they were scanned from slides. This roll of film was my last hurrah before purchasing a digital camera. The gent below is Bill Bastow, one of our professor emeritus of dynamics who is enjoying his retirement and thinking about his next car project.

This smiling devel is Ed Argalas and he and the motorcycle, a Honda Trans Alp, are responsible for getting me into motorcycles. Before Ed invited me to sit on his Trans Alp, I believed that all motorcycles were too small and didn't fit me. I've tried to buy the Trans Alp from Ed, John Chamberlin has tried it too, but he keeps hanging on to this classic bike. Smart man.

Joe Bartusek and his son Peter are infrequent visitors to the Open House, but at least I have them posed next to a similar Alfa that is their project.

Ken Davis on the left and Dave Dobry on the right are new and old friends from work. We are losing Ken to a new project, but hopefully he will stay in touch. I think he took the new assignment in part to keep Lynn from trying to fix him up with loose women. Dave started at Chrysler about the same time as I did, just out of college. We hung around those days because we were both racing. Dave is still racing and has achieved great success. More tomorrow.

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