Monday, July 7, 2008

Twin Tech

We had our Open House on Saturday and this is a great example of why I really enjoy this group. In addition to a lot of interesting conversation and cars, we talked to the builder of the Twin Tech shown in the photo. It's a Harley engined toy car from the imagination of a few imaginative guys. What I really like about this is their own artistic expression about what a car might be. I'm sure I wouldn't have done the same things, and even disagree with some of their ideas, but the cool thing is the statement they are making. If you are interested in looking at some better photos, plus specs, please check out their website,

Dave Pionteck, the builder of the Twin Tech also designed and built the Sport Tech which was converted to the Tzero by ACPropulsion and is an pure electric sports car that eventually led to the Tesla. Check out if you are curious about the Tzero, Alan Cocconi, and his electric vehicle drive systems.

I'll try to bore people a little less with cars in my next posts.

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