Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bill Bastow and John Truer

I had a nice lunch with Bill Bastow yesterday. For those of you who don't know him, Bill raced sedans as seriously as his money would allow from getting out of college until well into his 40's. He is a man that I have always admired, for his intelligence, his commitment, and his generosity. Along the way, he and his friend, John Truer, formed a partnership in racing. John has passed, but its nice to remember him. John is the hard working gent on the left who has clearly been working on the car. Bill is in the driver's suit looking like a movie star driver on the right.

I'm not sure who took these pictures. I helped Bill scan them from slides. This one is a particularly artistic shot of their Toyota at speed.

Another nice shot of 70's racing. I'll bet you don't see most of these car in historic races today.

A tip of the hat to both Bill and John and their efforts in 20 + years of racing.

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  1. hey, awesome picture of Bill! -kd