Monday, September 1, 2008

Old Friends

We had a couple of retirements here at Chrysler and that, combined with my accidentally finding old photos has me publishing old pictures of friends from when I was younger. These pictures are from the time just before I left Chrysler (volleyball games on Waterloo Rd.) and about a year later when I had joined VW.

The gents in the top picture are John Hawkins and Darrell Sterzinger. John just retired from VW this year, although he can't stand still so already has a new job working on alternative energy. Darrell was always laughing like this. I haven't been very good at staying in touch, but I think he is still working at Toyota. I hope he still laughs as much.

Those of you had to put up with my stories will have heard about the volleyball games we used to have when I was at Chrysler. Naturally, I'm the one jumping in the air. Next to me with his hands up is Steve Graflund who retired from Chrysler just a few days ago. Next to him in the front row is Larry Poese who came over from Chrysler to VW about the same time as I did and retired from VW this year. Finally, on the right end of the group is Dave Dobry who still works at Chrysler and who we get to see at the Points and Condenser Preservation Society. The rest are friends that have passed out of my life.

In case you are wondering about my t-shirt. These were in the black days of the Old Chrysler, so there was a fair amount of cynicism going around. The t-shirt was based on something that John Sahakian used to say on a daily basis. "Excuse me, but you've obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a shit."

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