Saturday, September 13, 2008

Old Photos can be Dangerous

I am still looking through old photos because I'm looking for pictures to support an old Gidget adventure that I had promised to share. Along the way, I keep finding all these interesting old shots of friends and whatnot. This is a wonderful shot of the mischievous Eva. Between the wonderful expression and that lovely purple dress, well what can I say.

Most of us know and love Bob Wilson, but do you remember him with full facial hair and a skinny leather tie? Ah, the 80's were good to us all. Once again, I have to apologize for taking the picture when he just took a bite, but you can't control that stuff 20+ year later.

These pictures are from Bob and Karin's wedding. Eva and Mike Tozer in this shot, and I feel a story coming on.

I hope my loyal readers will forgive these strolls down memory lane. Although I haven't stayed in touch with all of my friends from this time, those that I have, myself included, have led an interesting life since then. May the next 50 years be as interesting as the last 20.

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