Sunday, September 14, 2008

Successor to Gidget?

Last week, I got together with Larry and Pricilla Poese and Bob Wilson for dinner. Along the way, the conversation turned to my having sold Gidjet and Larry asked what 60's rear drive car I was going to buy to replace Gidjet. I replied that, for now, the motorcycle is filling that role since its fun to ride and is actually good for my neck. Larry asked what about the winter, implying that 4 wheels is better than two in snow and ice. OK. In truth, I didn't drive Gidjet in winter for a long time, so the question doesn't completely apply, but its an interesting question anyway. So I decided to throw out a few ideas and look for other ideas from the comment section. The conditions are that it needs to be reasonably priced, fun to drive (even raucous), fit me, and give me a good driving position for my junky neck.

The first candidate, I saw parked on the road in Scotland while I was waiting for the ferry to Orkney Island. Not easy to find in the States, but a nice, rally prepared 1st gen Escort.

The next one was a lot of fun to drive, gave me good neck support, but also caused the neck problem on our last outing. Its great to be able to power drift on dry pavement with only 100 HP, but perhaps Lola is a little impractical on the street.

Still, its the only car I ever got a trophy for driving.

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