Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wood Nymph

Fun Photo. The note on the back is "wood nymph". The lady is Tom Mulder, my old college roommate's wife, at least at that time. I wish my memory worked well enough to remember her name.

Alaska is an amazing place. You go from lush and almost tropical to scrubby bushes and tundra in just a few miles.

I went up to Alaska to visit both Tom and Mac, an old friend from high school. Both were working in Alaska and Mac was on site in the Kenai Peninsula, about an 8 hour hike into the mountains. Tom's wife and I took a few days to backpack into see Mac. The hike up the mountains was great and it was fun seeing Mac, but then we had to find a place to camp and there were grizzly bear everywhere. After a false start setting up camp, we were lucky to find a cabin that we could use overnight.

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