Sunday, October 19, 2008

His and Hers Campaign Signs

This time of year, I really enjoy walking outside. The weather is cool enough, the bugs are gone, and the fall colors are fine. This Sunday morning I needed to workout at the health club, so rather than walk on a boring treadmill, I decided to park in Chelsea and walk around the village. I drove into town before dawn (which isn't that early with Daylight Savings hanging on) and went for a walk around the quiet streets and nice Victorian houses. Being that it is only a few weeks before the election, there were also lots of political signs to see.

First of all, I had to wonder where did all these people get their signs and what did it cost them? I realized that the fact that I hadn't a clue where to find a political sign if I wanted one was probably a sign of indifference. Also, I get enough political email as it is. I can't imagine giving some one my name, address, telephone and being hounded by some political party.

I started noticing that, at least in Chelsea, there are a larger number of Obama signs than McCain signs. The Obama signs can be seen on a whole range of houses from fancy to modest. Interestingly, the McCain signs seem to be primarily on the more modest houses. I'm not sure what that means.

Finally, I came to a modest house that had both McCain and Obama sign, right next to each other, in the front yard. I don't know anything about the people that live there, but I'm calling them "His and Hers" campaign signs. I wonder what the conversation around the dinner table is like in that house.

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