Friday, October 24, 2008

Simple Life #2

OK, I admit I stole this picture from the web. It represents a place and a story from my friend, Zora. As I am not a tropical paradise kind of person, this simple place is not for me, but I think Zora would have stayed there a long time if she could have.

Zora was enjoying traveling the world and had spent a month or two at an ashram in India, when she had to leave India for a while before she could renew her visa. Given the options of flying home or flying somewhere new, she decided to wander around Thailand. After a bit of looking about, she ended up on an island and settled into a hut, not unlike this one. Looking out of her hut, she looked through a few large palm trees, over the nice beach, and into the ocean. I can't remember how many weeks she stayed, but if I recall correctly, the accommodations cost $4 per night.

It was actually stories like this that started the ongoing discussion of where can a person of limited means live a simple life in a beautiful place. For Zora, Thailand would have been an option other than the Thai government doesn't let foreigners own property. From there we set up rules for the "Simple Life". You should be able to own property, it should be affordable, and if English is spoken, that's not a bad thing.

So give me your ideas. What's that place that you have visited that made you want to just sit down and stay.

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