Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Simple Life in West Virginia

This lovely shot was clipped from the destination360 website because I didn't have any pictures of West Virginia. While not all parts of West Virginia look this nice, I wanted to pick W. Va. for the simple life because it was one option in the original search with Zora.

A few years back, before I had my digital camera, I took a motorcycle trip down to visit Bob Wilson when he was working in Charlottesville, Va. I wandered the back roads both trips and found it a very quiet place to live. Oh yeah, and the roads are nice too.

The trick for W. Va. would be finding the right place. You see the east is too close to Washinton and gets expensive, but is naturally the nicest part. The west is former or current coal country and is cheaper, but also poorer in view and in spirit. I'm guessing that , depending on your finances, you could find the right combination of cost and countryside.

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