Friday, November 14, 2008

Colorful Places in Winter

I started this blog with the bright colors of a house in St. Pierre, an island colony of France off the coast of Newfoundland. I can't help but noticing that people use all these bright paint colors in northern places, places where winter is long and dark. I guess I can understand it, but I'm always amazed when I find these colorful communities as I travel in the north.

The top picture is a shot of Tobermory, Scotland on the Isle of Mull. That's a pretty strong fashion statement for Scotland. Wasn't the word "dour" invented for those of us with a Scottish heritage?

These other shots are of St. Pierre & Miquelon. I just love this blue house.

What's your color palette? Oh, orange, red, with lime green trim and some bright blue accents.

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