Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just Looking at the Pictures

Back more than a few years, I was just starting a relationship with a very special lady. She had a power over me that I couldn't fight. Just the touch of her hand on my arm would cause me to melt. One weekend day, we planned a picnic up in the mountains of Big Bear. The electricity between us was dynamic as we laughed and brushed against each other on the way up the mountains. Driving my little Justy up some rocky Jeep roads, we soon found ourselves far away from other people.

Deciding on private place for a picnic, we spread our blanket, spread our meal, and kissed. One thing led to another and...

Oh my! This is getting so hot, her picture is burning up.

Its come to my attention that some of my loyal readers aren't actually reading the words, but just looking at the pictures. Not everything I write in this blog is that interesting, but sometimes you might miss something just looking at pictures.

Now the lady and the way she affected me is real. The date with the Justy up in the mountains really happened, just not the way I described it. After all, I'd be less than a gentleman if I spoke of private times between a lady and myself. All that touchy stuff was made up and the lady in question is settled down and married to someone else. As for the photo, its a really nice picture of her that unfortunately suffered from foxing and was stuck to the back of another picture.


  1. Oh JB, you know us/me too well. Clicked on the first pic - reaction: "Are those the same glasses he still has?" Second pic - reaction: "Yowsers! I better read this entry..." -CL

  2. Ah Mr. C,

    Thank you for your comment. This was aimed at Mr. Davis who fessed up to just looking at the pictures. I figured I might catch him, but didn't know if I would catch others. Now I know.

    Actually, its kind of fun finding an old picture and making up a story to go with it. - J