Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Simple Life in the Chatham Islands

OK, this one is a bit of a stretch. I personally don't like the tropics or too much hot weather. So I was playing around in the satellite view of Google maps and found the Chatham Islands. They are at about 35 degrees south latitude which means a temperate climate and are a part of New Zealand. In fact, they are more than 800 kilometers east of Christchurch. To say that they are off the beaten path would be an understatement.

The population is only about 700 people with most on Chatham Island itself and about 50 people on Pitt Island. The population is a mix of Moriori, Maori, and Missionary and is the traditional home of the Moriori people.

Looks spectacular, but I'm guessing its just as wet as Scotland. A little warmer though. Apparently, as the only land for miles, there is usually a layer of clouds above the island as the land disturbs the trade winds and causes clouds in the interaction.

Fishing is like the North Atlantic with cod and lobster. Pastoral farming is also common on the islands with plenty of grass for sheep or cows. At the very least, it is an out of the way place to visit on a vacation.

As for retiring there, it may qualify as too quiet. Even I think that 50 or 700 people would be pretty limiting. I'm also guessing that it would be pretty hard to publish this blog, since I doubt they have much in the way of high speed internet access.

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