Friday, December 19, 2008

Looking out Windows

Sorry, no picture this time.

One of my earliest memories was being a little kid, probably 3 years old, being sick and having trouble sleeping. My mother tried to comfort me by picking me up and walking around the house in the dark. We would go from window to window, looking out into the dark neighborhood from the darker house. Ever since then, I have enjoyed wandering around my own home and looking out windows in the night and half light of early morning or late evening.

So this morning, we are having a blizzard. Snow has been falling at something like 3 inches per hour and, although you can't see much when the air is full of snow, I've been looking the windows anyway. While looking at the neighbor's house, through the spruce trees, I saw something I've never seen before, a flash of lightning through the snow. Now that's a snow storm.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds so very nice and peaceful.

    Thank you again for letting us use your garage to get Steve's car up and running.

    Hope you enjoy your holidays and your time away from work.