Monday, December 29, 2008

Towing Stories

I don't know if you ever noticed, but if you get a large group of racers or other car guys together for long enough, the stories will turn to trailer towing. I don't know if towing is always an adventure or if its just easier to stretch a yarn when your talking trailers.

In this case, Bob is towing his two little sports car home as I write this. Bob's adventure started on the tow out to Georgia. He called me eastbound around El Paso to ask me to look up the wind velocity at El Paso. Apparently, the truck was a handful and he was trying to decide if there was something wrong with the truck of if the wind was really blowing hard enough to give him trouble. According to the internet, gusts were to 45 mph and they were a crosswind. Lucky Bob got to fight the wind with an empty truck and trailer all the way to Georgia.

I ran across the lower photo which reminded me of a small towing adventure for Dave Dobry. Back in the day, a bunch of us would go down to Road Atlanta for the Runoffs and this particular year, Dave decided to tow a little tent camper down for the week. He pulled it with his baby blue Volar. It had a slant 6 and a 3 on the tree, if I remember correctly. By the way, it was called the Volar instead of the Volare' because Dave said that it didn't deserve the accent.

Naturally, it rained for the last few days and the Georgia clay turned to grease. Trying to get up some momentum, Dave headed straight for the paved road. Unfortunately for Dave, he couldn't see the ditch between him and the road, so with a slippery thud, the frame was sitting on the opposite side and the front wheels were waving in the air.

At the point this picture was taken, we had disconnected the trailer and Dave was plotting his next move.

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