Thursday, January 1, 2009

Race Spectating

In keeping with the towing story about Dave Dobry's Volar, I found these pictures, possibly from the same trip to Road Atlanta. From left to right are Grant, Greg Wilkinson, and Bill Bastow in his jaunty fedora. Greg and Grant are good friends from London, Ontario. They used to race F Ford with me at Waterford and stay at the house on race weekends.

Speaking of Dave Dobry, here is a young version with Mr. Bastow in the background. Is that an an adult beverage in Bill's hand? That's one advantage of watching races over racing yourself, no achohol in the paddock.

Now as for myself, I've always been known for a more fattening indulgence. More than one race team paid me off in Oreos. I'm only suprised that this doesn't appear to be a Double Stuff.

As seen with the Volar towing incident, sometimes you watch races in the rain. This was from an early Detroit GP with this uknown person modelling fashionable racing rainwear. Note the clear garbage bag or bin liner over the shoulders allows the blue jacket to show through in a nice contrast to the khaki of the boxes.

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