Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Small Town Names

I guess when I go on a road trip, part of me turns into a little boy again. "Daddy, Daddy, look at the blue truck." You know.

Part of it is that you don't have a lot to do on a long trip and little things like unusual names of little towns along the way keep you occupied. Now my all time favorites in this category are the towns of Gnaw Bone and French Lick in Indiana. And there are always the famous Pennsylvania towns of Intercourse and Blue Balls.

Although it can't quite keep up with that, Northern Michigan has its share. For example, Topinabee and Tittabawassee are just fun to say.

Others, like Assinins are hard to say, but interesting anyway. Baraga and Bovine are fun, along with Naubinway.

My favorites are Germfask and Epoufette. You probably remember the popular song from the sixties, "Do you know the way to Epoufette."

Now one of these days, I'll get out to the desert and visit with folks there. In the meantime, we stopped in at Phoenix. Phoenix, Michigan that is.

It's early in the season, so they don't have much snow yet. My friend, Dan, is a big guy, about 6' 3", so the snow is only up to his chest. If you think about this being only about 1/3 of the way through the snow season, you'll understand why the "Phoenix" town sign is so tall.

So here is to small towns and road trips.

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