Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fiat Fivehundred Fitting

OK, we are still in bankruptcy and the ink is not dry on a Fiat deal, but that doesn't mean that we don't see a few Fiat's around at Chrysler. Since I love small cars but am challenged at 6' 5", so I've taken the opportunity to do a fitting in a Fiat 500.
First of all, this car was a 100 Hp version with a fairly high end interior. Its not the Lounge model shown here, but a similarly upmarket little car. The seats are nicely bolstered with leather on the bolsters and cloth on the center panels. The leather continues, padded, on the arm rest and part of the door. Naturally, its a stylish Italian combination of grays and dark brown.

For me, it is tantalizingly close to a great fit. I have plenty of legroom with good seat support, sufficient shoulder width, and almost enough headroom. As is typical these days, the headliner comes down a little just behind a normal head to provide padding up there. Because I want to sit a little farther back, my head interferes with this by about 1/2 inch. The real dilemma for me is that this is a new car and seat usually compact with some miles. So can I do a 500 as is and hope the seat compresses, do I get one and modify the seat, or do I wait for something a little bigger?

It is interesting listen to other people's observations of the 500. Most think this is a really tiny car. I've heard things like, " I suppose I could drive one to and from work, as long as I never had to carry anyone else." I guess because I grew up when the original Mini and 500 were out there, I am always amazed at how much bigger these cars are than their progenitors. I sure hope people get to love little cars as much as I do.

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  1. I liked the new Fiat 500 as soon as I saw the pictures of it. It seemed to be what the VW Concept 1 was intended to be before it got inflated into the New Beetle. I think when Americans get a look at current Fiat quality they'll be surprised to learn that it ain't 1975 anymore.