Friday, May 22, 2009

The Recession Affects Everyone

Last weekend, NPR had a story about Craigslist and the South Carolina Attorney General who was complaining about Craigslist advertising adult services. Apparently, Craigslist had a category named "Erotic" that included advertisements for sexual services. The Attorney General called Craigslist, "The largest brothel in the country."

To say the least, I was amazed and a little curious. So I went to my local Craigslist and there it was, the "Erotic" category. Clicking on the button, I found a series of links with abbreviations. I selected "w4m" and was presented with a list of ads that can only be described as call girls touting their wares. Some of these ads had photos and some had price lists, for example, "100 coffee beans for a full cup of coffee."

Others apparently worked on a wage basis because their price list was on a time basis, so much for a 1/2 hour, so much for a full hour, etc. This is where the recession comes in. One particular lady listed her normal rates, but in a column to the right of those rates was a "limited time, special offer" with reduced rates shown in yellow.

By the way, Craigslist has removed the erotic category, replaced it with "adult" and will screen the new category for inappropriate ads.

As I say, the recession is affecting everyone.


  1. "I selected 'w4m'". Well, I guess we can finally lay that rumor to rest, Jac. I never really believed Wilson anyway.

    Craig's List is an amazing place. As with a car wreck on the highway one feels compelled to look even though there may later be regrets about seeing the carnage.

    The motorcycle section is fun and some real gems turn up on there just about the time I have no money to spend. If I had the good sense to remain a bachelor for more than a few years at a time I'd have an awesome motorcycle collection by now.


  2. Doug,

    Just make sure your wife doesn't read your comment here. Then you might have fewer motorcycles and more ex-wives.

    Actually, I'm grateful to my married friends. From time to time, I'll start to wonder about my choice to stay a bachelor. But I can always count on one of my married friends to come along and tell me a story that reinforces my choice. Most of the time, they don't even know they are doing it.

    Of course, as a bachelor, you have to put up with the occasional quip along the lines of your "w4m" jibe, but that's a small price to pay. In fact, that price is probably lower than the cost of a wife and kids.

  3. Jac,

    As it happens, my comment above is just the sort of thing I'm prone to saying and Debbie accepts that stuff as one of my harmless quirks. As I have told people more than once "Debbie had wiener dog, a Dremel tool, and a better cut-off saw than I had. How could I not marry a woman like that?" This horrifies listeners and delights us since we refuse to conform to whatever their idea is of a normal marriage.

    I can say from some experience that wives are like English sports cars or Italian motorcycles, great fun if you're willing to put up with a few odd design quirk$ inherent to the the species.

    Never the less, I salute you for figuring out what works for you and sticking to it. You are a wise fellow.


  4. Doug,

    When you put it that way.... maybe I should reconsider. I've always loved English sports cars and Italian motorcycles are great. Also, I'm about to begin a career with an Italian car company, so you never know.