Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The New, New, New, New,.....Chrysler

Well, the big news is that I got a new job today. This new automaker needed a whole experienced engineering staff and I got lucky enough to get an offer. Now it isn't any more money than I was getting at Chrysler, but at least its not a pay cut.

Of course, the new company is Chrysler Group LLC and, apparently as part of the bankruptcy separation from the old Chrysler, they had to "hire" any staff from the old Chrysler that they wanted in the new Chrysler. It was very strange to get a email with an offer of employment from the company you thought you already work for, but that's what happened.

As the deal was done and I went to work for the new Chrysler, it occurred to me that there have been about 7 new Chryslers that I'm aware of. Including today, I have personally worked for 4 of them, but then I was gone for 20 years in the middle.

Naturally, we had a speech from the new Chairman of the Board and the new CEO. It was very interesting to hear an Italian gentleman who grew up in Canada and is now running an American car company describe the new culture of our company in terms of an African ethic from the Zulu or Bantu area of South Africa.

"Ubuntu is a humanist philosophy focusing on people's allegiances and relations with each other." From Archbishop Desmond Tutu, " A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good.....One of the sayings in our country is Ubuntu - the essence of being human."

It looks like a good and interesting start.


  1. Jac,

    Congratulations on making the leap! Does this mean you can now get employee pricing a Ferrari?

    I'm tempted to have fun here with all kinds of Italian auto industry stereotypes here but I really do hope it all works out well for you guys (and the GM guys too).


  2. I tried to get Steve to drive my Alfa into work today, and park in the Chrysler-vehicles only rows, but I couldn't quite convince him to. I thought that woulda been funny.

  3. I thought Ubuntu was the best O/S on the market?! :) Anyhow, congrats on the 'job offer'!

  4. Ubuntu is a pretty good O/S. Its also a Zulu world view. According to Sergio, the standard greeting in the Bantu language is, "I see you." and the standard reply is, "I am here." Apparently, you don't exist until someone else recognizes your presence.

    So much for hermits like me. I guess that most of the time, I don't exist.