Thursday, July 2, 2009

I haven't done a book report since I was a kid

But if your the right kind of person, this book is worth it.

Kevin Cameron is an editor at Cycle World magazine and he has recently published a book, "The Grand Prix Motorcycle, The Official Technical History". Mr. Cameron is, on the face of it, giving a brief, year by year history of who won the championship and who won each race, but he manages to tell the story in a way that surprises the reader with little technical revelations along the way. It's the same kind of Aha! moment that the racer's of that time must have felt when they discovered that next technological step.

In addition, there are these wonderful technical drawings with descriptions of each motorcycle and its technology. From single cylinder thumpers to inline four 4 strokes to square four 2 strokes, he explains the strengths and weaknesses and shows how the bikes came together.

Naturally, there are racing stories, stories of the riders and of the personalities behind the teams, but the main focus is the motorcycle. Still, I love these old racing photos. Somehow, there is more lean and more speed in the stretched out black and white photos than can ever be felt in the color video of today.

So, if you are that right person, buy the book or borrow it from me when I'm done.

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  1. Jac,

    I notice that three of the four pictures feature Italian motorcycles and the first picture prominently displays the name Fiat. You are adapting quickly, soldato.