Saturday, July 18, 2009

Keeping Busy

Some have told me that I spend entirely too much time writing this blog and that I should be out riding the bike, chasing women, or working on some project. In other words, Jac get a life.

I have been riding the bike, thinking about chasing women (I know that doesn't count), and accomplishing a few projects, so I thought I would post a few photos as proof.
During the winter, I got thinking about motorcycle safety. It seems that a lot of car/bike crashes come from cars pulling out in front of motorcycles from a side street. Thinking about it, the headlight is on, but not very visible from off-axis, so I came up with a couple of running lights, read always on turn signals, that would be more visible off-axis and even set them with a little toe out. These have aluminum housings which is important because the light being on all the time gives off a lot of heat. I decided to go with amber turn signals rather than white fog lights because I like the way Corvettes look with their amber daylight running lamps.
Note the nice little machined brackets to mount the lights. Also the side view of the speedometer computer that replaced my instrument cluster which was broken last fall. Its mounted on a little rubber isolated box that lifts it to the right height and gives me room for an auxilary power plug and a switch for the running lights.
The speedo is pretty nice, but you do get some glare from the chrome when the sun is in the right place. I think I may have to spray paint it flat black this winter.
I also added a bright LED auxilary brake light on the back. It's surprising how directional that thing is. If you are in the right place its really bright, but get off axis and its just a dull red. Unfortunately, it doesn't photograph well, but watch out if your right behind me.

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