Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reservoir Tip

This story has come up in a couple of conversations recently, so I thought I would just post it. Actually, I had mixed up my stories, so after checking out the facts on the internet, I can clarify it into two short stories.
This is a Jerry Entin photo snagged from the internet.

In the 1970's, when Michigan International Speedway was new, they had an interesting road course that went out of the oval on the back straight. Although we watched our first race, a Can-Am, from the grandstands, for the Formula 5000 race in 1973, we went out on the back of the road course. The race was huge fun with Jody Scheckter wining in his Trojan T101. Scheckter had been given the nickname "Sideways Scheckter" and his driving style proved his nickname as he power slide his car through the corners on the back of M.I.S. Car control is a thing of beauty.

The Scheckter car is call a Trojan, but has nothing to do with the condom company, unlike the Keke story below.

Somehow I got that mixed up with the story of Keke Rosberg in Formula Atlantic. I saw him race in Canada, I think at the Canadian Grand Prix around 1978 with Atlantic as a support race. Keke would eventually end up as 1982 F1 champion, but in his early days, he spent a year in the US racing the Excita Condoms, Chevron formula Atlantic car.
These days, some of my younger friends would worry about driving a pink car and whether people would think that was a little gay. But tell me, would you rather be a young, aggressive Finn named Keke or nicknamed "Kinky", drive a pink race car, and be sponsored by a condom manufacturer or be Mark Martin driving a stock car racer sponsored by Viagra?
As I said earlier, car control can be a beautiful thing, especially when paired with aggression.

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