Friday, October 23, 2009

Even More People You Meet on a Motorcycle

Not everyone you meet on a motorcycle trip is interested in motorcycles. For example, my innkeeper for two nights in Davis, W. Va. was Susan. After a career as a Creative Director at a marketing company, raising a family, and finally a divorce, she decided to move to Davis and buy an inn. Davis is a quirky little town that was settled on lumber in the 1800's but has had a rough time until tourists started coming in the last few years. Susan likes to explore the outdoors in much the same way I do, except she does it driving her Outback and hiking. Talk about local knowledge, she was happy to sit down at breakfast and share exploration stories. That, plus loaning me her own detail maps for my day's exploration.

I was lucky enough to be there while the fall color was changing.

The panhandle is full of small, quiet places. Its always worthwhile to slow down and follow that lane to see where it leads.

Lounge Chair on an old bridge support where Location Road crosses the Cheat River. A new twist on the old swimin' hole.

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