Friday, January 1, 2010

Bumper Cars

A little whimsy for the start of the new year. May we all have more reasons to smile in 2010. Make sure you read the license plates.

A gent in California decided build these babies, powered by motorcycle engines, to extend the life of these classic bumper cars.

As some of the license plates proclaim, all of these are legal and licensed in California. As a person with some experience with this topic, I can tell you that can't have been easy. I wonder what emissions rules he had to meet?

Thanks to Corena for sending along these pics. She is always finding interesting things on the web. I'd love to see what kind of blog she would write.

The theoretical top speed of these bumper cars is calculated at more than 160 mph. I'm guessing nobody has tried to confirm it.

Since we are short handed at Chrysler these days, I'm at the beginning of a very busy travel schedule. I'll be online, but with long work days, trip planning, and being away from some of my pictures, I can't predict my frequency of posting over the next few months.

Here is hoping that all this hard work results in more jobs and security for everyone.

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