Sunday, March 28, 2010

Italian Bob

Although Mr. Wilson got me started on this blog business, he doesn't post much anymore, so every once in a while I feel the need to post about the things Bob is up to. Some of you know this, but about a month ago, Bob bought a motorcycle.

Its a Moto Guzzi Breva 750 and he has been enjoying it and riding it quite a bit. I'm guessing that he is approaching 1000 miles in the month he has had it, which is pretty good since it was still raining for the first couple of weeks. This is a picture of Bob's actual bike from the dealer's website before he bought it.

As he says, its very interesting to have a motorcycle that likes to turn. The bike is great around town and very good on the twisty secondary roads, but is a little small for high speed, long trips.

I'm happy that he found something unique in character and so very Italian. His garage must be very interesting with the Breva parked along side his Beck Spyder and his Alfa Spider. Nice going Bob.

This picture is a nice view but not Bob's bike and has a few farkles that he hasn't gotten to, yet.


  1. Actually, over 1600 miles so far, including two trips each to Tucson and Globe. But good guess! Bob W

  2. Interesting blog here:

    28,000 miles around the USA on a M-G Breva. She must be younger and tougher than Bob...or me!

  3. Doug, you mustn't refer to them as "M-G"s on this blog. It causes images of tiny British cars with wire wheels and poor electrics to form in Jac's mind, confusing him greatly. Bob (And thanks for the link)

  4. MG is short for Morris Works Garage. All the MG's I know have the casting mark "MoWoG" which also makes a nice obscure greeting. Bob is right. Visions of lever shocks and SU carbs dance in my head.

  5. I've never had and M-G or an MG but would be pleased to own M-G 750 Sport from 1974. A red one, please.

    Sorry if I confused you, Jac, My brain is nearly always in motorcycle mode.

  6. Oops, sorry, wrong Google account when I posted. Now Jac will really be confused. I'll probably have to start showing two pieces of ID when posting here.