Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cops and the Rules

As mentioned in an earlier blog, I bought my ZRX motorcycle in California from a cop. Not like that! He was a guy.

NO NO NO! He wasn't old and the bike was way cooler than that.

Now were getting a little closer. You could tell that he was used to being in charge.

Yes. This is about right. A superbike cop.

He had lots of toys and took very good care of them. In fact, he was kind of worried about the ZRX being parked outside my hotel. I asked, "Why? Is there a problem with crime?" No, he said, but it might get wet and it might get dirty sitting outside all night.

You would think that as a police officer, he would be a stickler for the law. But he told me, "don't go to the DMV and give those guys a bunch of money for nothing. Just ride it here on my plate and registration and, if you get stopped, let the officer know that you are taking it out of the state and that you bought it from me."

I thought this was pretty interesting. Then, on getting the bike back home and getting to know it a little, its interesting to see how little he cared for keeping the bike legal.

For example, he pulled the carbon cannister and intake box to put 4 K&N air filters and a slip on exhaust on it. A carb kit makes it rich and probably increases the emmissons by an order of magnitude. He thought the turn signals were ugly, so he put on these little, dim aftermarket replacements and took off all kind of other things like reflectors, stock mirrors, etc. The strangest one is that he didn't like the location of the horn, originally located at the side of the radiator. So he hid it, up inside a pocket in the fairing. You couldn't hear it at all with the engine running.

So recently, I've been taking a little time to undo some of the things this officer changed to make his bike look like the hooligan bike he thought it should be. So the next time you see an officer of the law, wonder if you will if this is a hooligan cop too?


  1. Long ago I had a couple of cops for riding buddies. No one I've ever ridden with cared less about obeying the traffic laws than those two.

    So Jac, any long distance travels on the ZRX planned for this summer?

  2. Doug,

    Long distance rides and the ZRX are not likely to go together, at least for me. As nice as it is to have the power and the extra stability, the below the waist riding position and the seat comfort make the ZRX an around town toy until/unless I modify to fit my size.

    Besides, as I have already modified the KLR, its really a wonderful and versatile long distance touring machine. I'm not at all saying this is true of a stock KLR, but it works for mine.

    As for travel plans, I probably don't get to take any vacation until fall, too busy at work. Maybe then I'll get out for a while. How about you? Riding much?

  3. Jac, I'm trying to get out once a week on the bike and doing 75 - 100 miles. Don't know that any long rides are in the offing. My shoulder is sort of messed up and I'm not willing yet to let them cut holes in it or whatever thing will supposedly make it better.

    BTW, my new Routan will be here in about a week. Which parts are yours?