Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Pass

Check out the pass of the #3 bike over the #1 bike. Holy moly!

Maybe electric bikes aren't so bad?


  1. The winning avg speed for the MotoCzysz bike was still slower than the 1957 TT record speed of Bob McIntyre on a Gilera 500.

    I suppose electric race bikes will come to the fore in racing some day. Maybe they'll put playing cards in the spokes to make them sound like real motorcycles.

  2. Take a look at www.chargemovie.com for an upcoming feature-length film about this race!

  3. Bob,

    Thanks for the link, it looks like it will be a great movie.


    There is a great debate about what electric cars, etc. should sound like. I think a nice loud speaker with lovely internal combustion engine sounds would be perfect. Just think, we could one up each other for a better speaker system for more authentic sound and bench race about which motorcycle engine sounds the best on our silent bike.