Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Old People Time

My niece, Amanda, cares about our family and likes to visit family members, both local and far away. That said, she does get bored with the older generation. She says that old people don't like to do anything but sit around and talk.

She also talks about "old people time". Its true, young people don't even start to go out until after 9 pm and seem to stay out all night. They think of the morning as a good time to sleep, getting up a noon or later.

I don't know how this generational shift occurred. When I was young, I went to bed early and got up early, just like now. But I have to concede, Amanda has a point about old people time. She says, 'They get up at the crack of dawn and go to be when the sun goes down.' She was recently proved right. Pat and I stayed at, what turned out to be an old peoples hotel. I slept in until almost 7 and went out for a walk while it was still dark. As I was starting my walk, there were 4 older couples loading up their gear, checking out, and ready to get on the road.

I guess young people own the night and old people own the sunrise.


  1. Jac,

    I'm not young but not so old either. To me 1:00 AM is just a number on the clock and breakfast is 8 hours after whatever time I finally go to bed. My dear ol' mum is only a little better at 89 years old. One of her complaints about the senior place where she lives is "This place SHUTS DOWN after dinner!" She's ready to talk and enjoy the evening while the younger folks, i.e. anyone under 89, are watching Wheel of Fortune and getting ready for bed.

  2. Phew, just when I thought I was getting old, this post makes me feel young again. I'm NOT a morning person whatsoever, and if I had my choice, I'd go in to work about 10, work til 7 or 8, and stay up til midnight or 1.