Monday, December 27, 2010

Urinal Redux

Just before Christmas, I had to make a last second trip for work. Amid all the travel and the hectic, get it done in time work, I observed two things.

1. Waterless urinals are catching on and are seen in everywhere from fast food restaurants to airports.

2. They smell worse than ever.

Apparently, I'm a typical male and have little sense of smell, but I find these thing offensive. I can't imagine if they came up with a female equivalent and what that would do to most tender female noses.

So I have a humble suggestions. Lets replace the waterless urinals with potted plants. Of course, we would need lots of plants and the pots would have to be large in high traffic areas. The advantage is that guys are used to peeing on plants in the outdoors, so peeing on one indoors would be no problem. The plants and soil would purify the water and give off oxygen to purify the air. Problem solved.


  1. Brilliant idea, Jac. With just a little effort you could probably get a government grant to study the concept. A million or two should get you started. Goodness knows America is spending money on worse ideas.

  2. They've cut back on cleaning the ladies at CTC to every other day, and OH THE SMELL.