Saturday, April 9, 2011

California Moss

Exploring the coastal mountains of Northern California is an excellent way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon. The hills are steep, the valleys are narrow, and there are new micro-climates around every corner.

The narrow valleys seem to hold the mist that comes in from the ocean. All that moisture and shadow results in pockets of dense forest with long shaggy moss.

The bright green of the moss in the half light seem appropriate for spring time here in the midwest.

The density of growth is amazing. Note the redwood tree that has fallen over the creek. Suspended on the bridge of the fallen tree, another tree has taken root and grown up toward the sky.

Sweetwater Springs is narrow little road, even narrower when it squeezes through a stand of redwood. At this point, the road is about 6 feet wide. Note the telephone line and pole squeezing through the same gap.

Of course, sometime you just have to go around the tree.

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  1. Very nice shots, Jac. I like the "moss fence" photo the best. Rural northwestern California is a magical place with so many little, nearly forgotten back roads. I wish I'd explored it more when I lived in CA.