Friday, July 22, 2011

Cell Photos

Watch that first step.... Uvalde, Texas

I have recently joined the masses of people carrying around a cell phone. Naturally, it has a camera, but based on the size and quality of the lens, I didn't expect much in picture quality.

Downtown Sabinal, Texas.

Recently, I made a short trip to Texas and, as usual, found myself taking pictures of old buildings along the way. This time, I had only brought the cell phone, so the first 4 pictures are from the cell phone camera.

The old Ford dealer in Sabinal, Texas.

This is probably my best effort, helped along by a bluer sky and nice sunlight.

This is the Armstrong Theater in Hondo, Texas.

The pictures from here down are from a 2006 trip to the same San Antonio area, but taken with my little Panasonic camera. I think the difference is significant. The colors are more vibrant and deeper. The image is sharper and has a greater depth of field. The bright areas show more detail and the dark areas are clearer as well. All that in a cheap little point and shoot camera.

Old San Antonio downriver neighborhood.

Wrought fence for depth of field.

Shooting toward downtown on a canal.

The Alamo at night. I haven't tried the cell camera at night, so this isn't a fair comparison.

It was Christmas 2006 and the city was decked out in lights.

Downtown out my hotel window.

It might be nice to have a camera that fits in your pocket along all the time, but the idea that one gadget is going to replace all your others is simply dreaming. I'll continue to bring along my camera when I can and use each tool to do its job. The same goes for my watch.

River walk.

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  1. That was my daddy's dealership. Everyone called it the "Ford Shop". The photo is the back of the building on highway 90 side. My grand pa started the dealership in late teens to early 1920's. brings back nice memories. Thanks! Dad died in 2001. Kerry Willingham