Friday, July 8, 2011

Women, the Couch, and a classic Fiat

As of last weekend, Jac's inconveniently out in the country, family storage, opened for business. In this case, my niece is going on a 3 month assignment to Brazil and I offered to store her stuff while she was gone.

Most of the stuff went into the basement and a spare bedroom. But my niece decided that I needed a couch, so her couch ended up in my living room.

The philisophical question here is why women are so in love with couches? Apparently, I'm too dense or too long a bachelor to understand it. This is, however, a universal truth. Women love a good couch. They appear to feel that a room is incomplete without one. Further proof of this theorem came a few days after the couch moved in. The lady that cleans my house wrote me a note. "Next time is August .... I love the new couch."

Any of my friends with greater understanding, please explain this to me. What is so wonderful about a couch, especially to women?

Another interesting part of this move is the smell. I had to call up my niece and let her know that my house now smelled of girl. Of course, I mean the sweet and nice smells that women are famous for.

My niece gave me the nice car picture that is sitting on the couch. Yes, that is the best use I can think of for the couch so far. The car in the picture is a 1954 Fiat Supersonic, also shown in 3/4 view below. In addition to being a nice looking Fiat from the 50's, it has an interesting engine.

Fiat was competing in 2 liter racing in the 50's. They decided to design a light weight, compact engine for their racing and other cars. The Supersonic had the 8V engine, an aluminum, 2 liter V8 with a 70 degree bank angle (to keep it compact), it had a short stroke design with a single camshaft in the valley, pushrod operated valves, and exhaust ports that came out of the top of the heads. All this in 1952. Although Cadillac and Oldsmobile had an overhead valve V8 in 1949, theirs was a 5.4 liter, all iron hulk.


  1. Jac,

    One can lay on couches and watch TV while dropping crumbs all over one's self. That is both a bachelor and married guy tradition.

    A man can fart louder when laying on a couch.

    A couch is a fine place for an impromptu nap when you realize that all F1 races on TV look the same, just like NASCAR races.

    A couch makes a single man seem civilized and mature. This impresses the ladies in a way a Fiat 500 cannot.

    Some of the best times of my life have occurred on couches.

  2. Doug,

    I guess I never got the habit of lying on a couch. As for farting loudly, I don't really need any help in that area.

    As for impressing a woman, no woman was ever impressed by the Mercedes and I don't see how she would ever see the couch, since nearly no one visits.

    As for the last, I am certain that I understand your unsaid meaning and agree. I just wonder if it is worth the price.