Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blog Echo

This blogging business is interesting. Most people come home to a spouse and family who ask, "How was your day, dear?", and listen to the highlights of your day or not. It is these people, truely in your life, that you share those things which you find interesting in life.

Since there is nobody but me at home, I find that I sometimes use the blog to tell the stories from the day. I put something out there, most of the time without feedback or comment, and if someone reads it and enjoys it, great. If no one reads it, I don't know about it. So most of the time, blogging is a release, occasionally a creative one, that I do and forget.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a visit from Greg and Bruce, old friends from racing days gone by. I hadn't seen them for several years and somehow expected that I would be catching them up on some of the stories in my life since I had last seen them. We had a really good time and talked about everything from airplanes to machine tools. The weird part was when I would start some story and I could see from their face or by their comments that they had already read that one on the blog.

Even more interesting was when Bruce came up to one of my motorcycle where my Helimot gloves were sitting. "Oh, are these those custom gloves you had made? So they really use kangaroo skin for the palms."

All I can say is, it's great but it's also a little bit weird feeling.


  1. Jac, I know that weird feeling myself. When my older brother told me he sometimes read my blog I was more than a little surprised as he's not a motorcycle guy at all. It hadn't occurred to me that people I actually knew would read it (or that anyone would read it). I've always thought of blogging as my secret public life.

  2. Jac,
    We are strangers to each other, but I enjoy reading your blog. Maybe because:
    * my wife & I owned a Subaru Justy.
    * we lived in the U.P. - the simple life.
    * I worked at MTU. KRC is a part of the Univ.
    * We rode motorcycles around the Keweenaw.
    * We drive a Chrysler - well, an Eagle Talon Tsi, but a Fiat 500 looks like it might be an appropriate next car.
    * We now live 100 miles due North of you.
    * We own an Austin Healey Sprite - 1966.
    Well, you get the idea. Keep writing!

    Tim C

  3. You're one of the more interesting people I've met and since I don't see you very often, the blog is a great view into the workings of your esthetics. Keep it up...looks like at least 3 of us are reading.
    AKA Nigel Johnsfolly, Failed Rallyist; Make Believe Racer