Saturday, August 20, 2011

Music to my Ears

Sometimes, my hobbies converge. My interest in music and audio has me using the little Sansa MP3 player when I exercise and the bigger Cowon player in the car and on trips. The headphones in the picture are my favorite cans for airplane travel. Notice the cover art of the Drysdale motorcycle on the Cowon screen.

The other day, I was working out and listening to music in random order, when a recording of the Drysdale 750 V-8 racing bike came on the player. Only 12 seconds long, but I smiled and smiled. It was preceded by nice little folk song and followed by a drummer from Mali and it fit right in.

I couldn't figure out how to put a sound file into the blog on it's own, so I put a few pictures of the bike together with playing the 12 second sound file twice and put them all into a short video.

Drysdale 750 V-8

Just in case you want to explore, a short trip to the Drysdale Home Page