Sunday, December 11, 2011


I recently found myself on a little business trip in the Arizona city of Surprise. As usual, there was no time to visit any of my Arizona friends, just a fast trip with long work hours.

Still, to unwind after work, I went for a walk and really got a giggle out of seeing the police cars. Surprise, Police!


  1. OK. My apologies. Of course, we got together for a burger at the end of my trip. You have exposed two of my little secrets.

    1. I have been known to publish a post and schedule it for later release. This one, I posted about half way through my trip, before any thought of a t-shirt.

    2. I don't pay enough attention to those posts. I should have come back and revised this on. Oh well. I'm certainly not perfect.

  2. There goes your perfect year, Jac. You almost made it! You can start afresh in a 19 days.