Friday, December 23, 2011

A Tech Turning Point for Photos?

Ok, sometimes I'm guilty of liking the new, innovative, even weird technology. Case in point.

Lytro is a camera that uses a new approach to digital photography that may be the beginning of a major change in how we take photos. At the very least, it is an interesting thing to play with. At the moment, the main benefits of this technology are no shutter delay, plus the ability to change the focus after the fact. In future, software powered capabilities may allow independent control of depth of field, even up to allowing the whole picture to be in sharp focus. There is also the promise in the future of mild to full 3D and the possibility of moving the point of view around within a picture.

For today, the technology seems a touch expensive for a point and shoot camera and the editing capabilities are limited.

Take a moment to go to Lytro's web gallery and play with their photos. To change the focus, point at spot in the picture and click your mouse. This link takes you to one of my favorites, but you can navigate around the gallery by clicking on other pictures. You can also check out the science behind it all.

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