Thursday, January 19, 2012

Along the Way

I've been touring the country with 12 tires. Most of the time, its just long days of driving. But sometimes, I see something along the road to comment on.

My first day driving south out of Houghton, Mi. crossed Wisconsin and Minnesota. My earlier impression of northern Wisconsin was of a flat forest, but I was surprised how hilly much of it is. For example, Wausau is the insurance capital of Wisconsin and is bordered on the south side by a really big hill. Dare I say mountain? The name for the hill is Rib Mountain. This shot is from Wausau, complete with ski area in view. The next shot is from the ski area. Definitely not flat.

I passed through Eagle River and that is one snowmobile obsessed town. They were holding the World Championship snowmobile races a few days after I passed through and you could just smell the excitement, mixed in with two stroke oil. Think a Nascar oval track covered in ice and snow very fast snowmobiles on it.

Wisconsin labels its county roads with letters, so there are lots of signs for Hwy N or Z as you drive along. Smaller roads were labeled with multiple letters like Hwy HH.

There were also quite a few big billboards for "Chubby's North, a Gentleman's Club" When I finally saw "Chubby's" along the side of the road it was a small building with a very large parking lot. Unfortunately, Chubby wasn't able to pull off the ideal combination of having his "Gentleman's Club" located on Hwy XXX.

Finally, near Owatonna, MN, there was the sign for "The Guggenham, Spam Museum". A vacation destination for each and everyone of you, I'm sure.


  1. Wow! The SPAM Museum looks awesome! Another entry in the bucket list. :)

  2. We stopped at the Jell-O museum in LeRoy, New York last year. I'm one of those odd people who actually does like SPAM, and have long wanted to visit the SPAM Museum. Now that my sister has moved out of the Twin Cities and into Wisconsin, however, I don't think that's likely to happen.