Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bad Lighting, Good Bones

I continue to spend time cleaning out my father's home. In the process, I ran across some AREX pictures that reminded me of show time.

When we built AREX, we had little money. Nothing changes I guess. We went to two cars shows, Detroit International Auto Show (below) and Las Vegas (above), both because we were invited and didn't have to pay for show space.

Naturally, we didn't have any money for fancy displays or lighting. We just used the carpet and house lighting that were provided. Unfortunately, in the case of Detroit, that meant lighting in Cobo that was a rectangular grid of flourescent tubes. Looking at the first 2 photos, It's hard to believe that is the same car.

At Detroit, we were in good company as part of a 'Design Studio' section. Our neighbors were Pininfarina, IAD, and Bertone. We were right across the isle from Lamborghini. Overall, the car looked good, but the lighting was awful. Light in a line like that will highlight any surface imperfections. Sure is a good thing that the guys are so good at creating surface because any flaws would standout like a sore thumb. I guess the upside of the lights is that you can tell how curvy AREX is.

In contrast Las Vegas, with it's individual spot lights, was a dream for lighting.

This last photo was just thrown in for fun. This is the rear of the AREX frame during assembly of my car. I just like the play of all the angles. It's almost like sculpture.


  1. Despite the passing years I think the Arex design holds up well. With the odd lighting it brought to mind the finish of the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L'Or Blanc, or maybe if there had been an Arex in the movie "Tron" it might look like that.

  2. Just the other day, Steve and I were talking that we should talked to you a long while back and convinced you to finish your AREX and convinced you to let us use it as our wedding getaway car :)

    1. I am very confused to find a Parsla/Steve wedding comment on a blog called Lehman Hill, that is not in any way connected to me. Just saying.

    2. Interesting connections, no?

      In this case, Lehman Hill refers to a place rather than a person. My home is on a hill that was once the Lehman family farm and overlooks Lehman Lake. Who knows, maybe your related to the original family?