Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pet Peeve

I try to keep this blog positive, but occasionally, I just have to vent on a particular pet peeve. In this particular case, its the self-righteous Prius drivers.

I've been doing a lot of driving over the last year. Both work and life have had me putting up more miles than usual. As a result, I had more opportunity to notice certain trends, like the Prius drivers that feel like they need to control the speed of all the traffic around them. They sit in the left lane with a long line of traffic behind them and drive exactly the speed limit or even slower while ignoring others around them that want to go faster. Of course, not all Prius driver's are guilty, but it unfortunately seems to be the majority.

Don't get me wrong, I get the challenge of trying to get high gas mileage. After all, I drive a Fiat 500 and have been known to drive a little slower to get a better mileage figure on my fuel economy display. The difference is that I respect the other drivers on the road and feel it would be rude to block their progress. If I'm in fuel economy mode, I stay in the right lane and only move to pass slower traffic when it won't slow down someone running faster than me.

Somehow these Prius drivers seem to believe that the fact they bought a Prius gives them the right to tell other people how to live their lives. I just wish they would learn a little humility and manners.


  1. You must have found a different bunch of Prius drivers than we have out here in AZ, Jac. I drive up to Phoenix on I-10 every week and usually drive the speed limit +5. Invariably as I blast down the freeway at 80 mph at least one Prius driver will cruise past me. I didn't realize they got good mileage at those speeds.

  2. I see both sides. Some Prius drivers driving like Jac describes, which is irritating. Others like Doug describes, zooming past me at 85 mph. Those make me laugh....they buy a Prius thinking they'll get good fuel economy, and then drive to where the Prius does it's worst - high speed driving. I'm all for hybrids, when used properly. I won't have one, as my commute is 55 miles mostly highway each way. Parsla on the other hand, would do wonderful with a Volt. 18 miles each way, driving up Telegraph with very few stops and a reasonable 55 mph. I wonder if GM will ever offer the Volts to people for a week long test drive, I'd even rent one for a week to check it out.

  3. Steve is probably right, but I may have to reconsider my position. As I recall, one of the Prius driver that was in my way was in Arizona, south of Phoenix on I-10. It's possible that Doug was in the right lane noticing the Prius passing him and I was riding the bumper of the Prius trying to get him to go faster. Maybe I'm supposed to take a breath and slow down.

    As for hybrids and electrics, I've been thinking that a cheap, low speed electric maybe just what my father needs. He doesn't want to go far, but feels the loss of freedom of not having a car. Something we all face when we get older.

  4. I can't find the photo now to share it, but I once saw a Prius with a vanity plate that read SMUG.