Sunday, April 29, 2012

Power in the Pot Redux

Back in July, 2008, I made an audio amplifier from a kit for my friend, Bob Wilson. I called it "Power in the Pot" because I used a cooking pot as the power supply housing. It worked well, but unfortunately, Bob passed away in a motorcycle accident a little more than a year ago. His ex-wife, Karin, felt that the amplifier should come back to me, so late last summer, it arrived back at my house.
Through the fall, it sat in my project room, reminding me of Bob, but without any current use. I started thinking that I should find a way to use it, just to remember Bob. As always happens in these things, one thing led to another and now I am in the process of building a new pre-amp and even better power amp for my living room stereo.
A few weeks ago, I brought home my father's stereo, as he does want it at the moment and we are cleaning out his house. So last week, I married the Bob amp with speakers that my father built and made a stereo for my project room. Naturally, the sound is clear and very enjoyable. I'm playing the amp and speakers through my computer and an external sound card. Sometimes if feels like my computer is sitting on a piano. It's funny how objects help you remember people. I also like the connections, both literal and metaphysical, that happen when I combine Bob's amp and Papa's speakers.

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