Saturday, September 29, 2012

Parsla, Steve, and Gidjet stopped by for a visit recently. I hadn't seen Gidjet for a long time, so it was very nice to visit with old friends.

As Steve has almost completed sale of the Jackson house, Gidjet is moving to Oakland County. Although she will likely miss the empty country roads, I'm sure she will enjoy being closer to Parsla, Steve, and the dogs.

As it happens, I just got a new camera and I realized that I didn't have many pictures of Gidjet, so I took advantage of the opportunity to snap a few pics.

Although she is showing her age a little, she has less gray hair and wrinkles than I do and I still find her trim and attractive.

While she was here, Steve took advantage of the hoist to do a little work on Gidjet. The best thing was the sound of the engine as Steve checked out his work. The sound of Gidjet going up through the gears was only surpassed by the sound of her downshift coming back.

Why is it that most modern cars do so little to move me, but Gidjet can still push all my buttons?

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  1. Jac, Gidget is a real car, not just a refined transportation machine. I think it's much the same with motorcycles, they are being refined to the point that their character is lost. That could be one of the reasons Harleys and cruisers remain popular despite their wide compromises in function, or why cafe racers and rough bobbers have grown in popularity. They still all look like motorcycles are supposed to look.