Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wishing you a Cowboy Chistmas

It's kind of weird to have a midwestern boy like me to bring you a western Christmas wish.

I made a fast test trip out to Arizona, including a trip from west Phoenix to Kingman on Sunday.  Naturally, I planned my time so that I could stop at Anita's Mexican Kucina in Wickenburg for lunch.

Wickenburg is a small, traditional town with a history of ranching nearby.  These cell phone pictures are poor, but still capture the feel of a desert cowboy Christmas.

Of course, the local picture show is a great place on Sunday morning to hold "Cowboy Church".  I am pretty sure that the pickup and the Jeep would qualify as cowboy transportation.  I'm not sure if cowboys also ride Harley's or if the bikes come from the "Twin Wheels Cafe" next door down.

In particular, I like the Christmas wreaths on either side of the Saguaro cactus sign on the theater.

I know, you aren't supposed to shoot into the sun.  But I like the contrast of the wreath on the light pole framed by palms on one side and saguaro cactus on the other.  The rustic fence with Christmas lights is a nice touch too.

I hope this season finds you well and safe.  May your life be filled with friends, interesting things to learn, and rewarding experiences.  For those of us in the north, I hope your Christmas is white.  You southerners don't like that sort of thing, so I'll just wish you a Merry Christmas.



  1. Jac - Being a northerner I have always found Christmas decorations on cacti and wreaths on palm trees a bit odd but I guess not everyone can have snow and pine boughs and a crackling fire. No matter where you are and how you choose to decorate I wish a Very Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.

  2. Fake snow made from ground coconut meat...It's not quite Christmas without white on the ground and just enough chill to make you glad to get back indoors after swapping out those old wiper blades that seemed "OK" just a few months back. Have a merry one, Jac!