Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Time is Near

Yes, spring time is just around the corner and it always makes me a little sad.  I know, as a biker, I should chomping at the bit to get the bike out of the garage and hit the road.  But somehow, every spring, when the snow starts to melt, I get nostalgic for winter.  That's when I seem to go hunting for pretty pictures of snow.

Well, at least we had a winter this year.  I had the chance to play with my new camera up north, so I've got a few winter shots to keep the mud away.  And yes, I know that I'm crazy.

I you look on your Google map at the finger of land sticking up into Lake Superior, then zoom in on the north coast up towards the tip, you will find Eagle Harbor.  Eagle Harbor is cute little village that is dominated by snowmobile traffic in winter.  This shot is from a nice little inn where they have excellent food.

Out on the point that forms the harbor, there is a lighthouse and views of Lake Superior.

Overall, it has been a light year for snowfall in Michigan's Keweenaw Penninsula.  Often, there is a lot more snow piled up.  This shot of downtown Calumet feels surprisingly big city for such a small town.


  1. The light is getting better and it's warmer, so a great time to be shooting winter scenes. Besides it's more photogenic than the several weeks of mud to follow.

  2. Nothing like a good picture of mud.

    Doug was kind enough to suggest some tweaks to the pictures, so I have made a small edit and posted them again.