Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I have been thinking about getting a gmail account because my little ISP seems to be unreliable.  The problem is that everyone else, already has a gmail account, so most of the names I think of are unavailable.  I admire those that took good names early and kept them.  Roadscholar, Rallyfreak, Honesteffort,  and Gasflow are among the names I admire.  I also like the email address of a friend who's email is  Actually, my old email was pretty good too.

As I continue to think about names, a couple of inappropriate names have popped up this week.

First is a coworker who got the message on his computer, "Your dinkey dongle has been installed."  I'm pretty sure I'm not going to sign up for "dinkey dongle."

At lunch today, someone explained how you get your "porn" name.  Apparently, you take the name of your childhood pet and combine it with the street you live on or the street you lived on as a kid.  I won't be using my "porn name" either.  It is better suited to a woman.


  1. It's almost as bad as trying to find a suitable name for your ride. Haven't done that yet either.

  2. C'mom, Jac, tap into your creative side. How about shocknahhh@ or bumpsteer@ or simply lehmanhill@.

    By the way, I still recommend over Gmail. I have a couple of Gmail accounts and hate their interface. Thank goodness for the Livemail client I run on my desktop, it handles several different e-mail accounts from Hotmail to Gmail to a private domain account, in one place for me without a fuss.