Friday, February 24, 2017

Fairing Color and Graphics - A few more options

I keep playing with the paint program.  I made the high front fender disappear, but haven't figured out how to add a low fender, so imagination is still required.  The low fender is carbon fiber so it will read as mostly black like the tire.

The orange frame and black trim limit the color choices.  My sister thought the right blue would be a good accent to the orange.  I think 3 colors is already a lot, so I may have to play with blue instead of white.  Of course, white was a natural since the body is already white plastic and it is opposite black on the color wheel.

One thing is clear.  When I try to break up the shapes, it starts looking patchy very quickly.  I started with the idea that I would use graphics and stripes, but I now think that it will have to remain fairly simple.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

KTM Update

 I have been working, a little at a time, trying to make the KTM mine.  One of the first tasks was to improve my fitting on the bike and build in some long distance comfort.  Below are the Knight Design footpegs I bought that are lowered a little more than 1 inch.  They help me in the fit department, but the "cleat" or traction surface looks like it would tear up my boot sole.  My boots don't have a hard rubber sole like dirt bike boots.

John C. came up with a great suggestion.  Why not just remove the cleat.  It's only attached by screws.  That would make the footpeg a little lower and I could have a better surface.  To his idea, I added some button head screws which will give me a little bit more traction without being so aggressive.

In the long distance comfort department, I sent my original seat into Bill Mayer Saddles for them to make me a wider and slightly higher seat.  The embossed seating surface and the KTM orange stitching are nice touches.   Also shown is the small Enduristan tank bag.  My goal is to put almost everything into panniers (Mosko) to keep the ability to swing my leg over the bike intact.  Of course, I still need a small place to put sunglasses, camera, gloves, etc.  So the Enduristan will serve for easy to get at items and keep everything dry.

Apparently, some 690 E riders have had holes punched in their radiator tank when they fall.  These little radiator protectors improve the toughness of the bottom of the tank and add practically nothing in weight.

Based on my experience with the KLR and forum chatter on the KTM, a high front fender (normal for a dirt bike and stock on the 690 E) is an aerodynamic lift and buffeting problem at highway speeds.  A low fender solves this problem and, I just like the way it looks.  This carbon fiber low fender is the same design as used in Dakar rally.  It took a bit of fiddling, but it fits properly now.

Naturally, I screwed up.  Since it was a race part, the surface wasn't perfect on arrival.  My mistake was thinking I could refinish it and improve those minor flaws.  Now, a couple of weeks work into it, I will be lucky if I can get to an acceptable appearance.  I'm pretty sure there will be more flaws than when I started.  Man that carbon fiber is stiff!

I have selected an aftermarket fairing and have it on order.  This one looks something like the most recent Dakar racers.  There were a few other options would have been very interesting, but I chose this one because it is a complete kit that is well thought out.  Also, my other options would have doubled the price.

These shots are of the prototype and have been downloaded from the Rade Garage website.

 Of course, the fairing isn't available yet, so I have been playing with color on the side view picture.  Notice that I removed the high front fender in the picture to give a better idea of how it would look with a low fender.  I've tried lots of idea, but the whole thing looks busy when you break up the shape with graphics.  At the moment, I am leaning toward a solid color with maybe an accent line or two.  Any thoughts?