Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Orange is all right

I managed about 1400 miles of mostly back roads on the new orange machine and overall it's a good thing.  I do need a tweak to the seat for comfort, but otherwise everything worked well. 

It looks like fuel injection is a good thing for both power and fuel economy.  On two lane roads, even when the riding was spirited, I got 58 to 60 mpg.  The handling is very similar to the KLR, so it didn't take long for me to get comfortable.

As for the countryside, June is a nice time to be wandering about.  I started out in Ohio Amish country, progressed through W. Virginia, and spent time in the Cumberland Gap area where Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and N. Carolina come together.  Good stuff.

With the seat uncomfortable, somehow I didn't stop for many pictures.  Among the few, this is the highest pass in Kentucky.

I like this combination; family market, custom killing, and an Amish buggy.