Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mound Builders

A few weeks ago, I took the KLR down to Kentucky for some twisty roads.  On the way down, I ran through the flat lands of western Ohio and eastern Indiana.  I was on my way to check out some land that my ancestors had owned in the 1816, and while that was hilly, most of the day riding down was not.  Here is a typical landscape for the flat lands.

While riding along a county road, I came across a landfill and realized that it was by far the largest hill in this landscape.  That got me to thinking.  Wouldn't it be hilarious to look over the shoulder of some future archeologist discovering this ancient civilization?  I think it would appear to them that we were mound builders.  They would wonder, how did this primitive society manage to build such a large monument.  When they started excavating, they would find an amazing quantity and variety of artifacts.  I wonder what they would think off that.

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