Monday, June 25, 2018

How many bikes are enough?

Just a short thought.

For years, I thought one bike was fine.  Then I got the ZRX1200 and because it wasn't that comfortable, nothing really changed.  I found that I didn't ride very often locally, in part because it takes more effort to suit up and I was too lazy to do that for a 5 mile trip to the store.  Also, there was always a trip coming up and I wanted to clean up the bike, change the oil, adjust the chain and leave it ready for the next trip.  Riding around locally just meant I needed to do maintenance twice because of the local miles.

This year, I finally have the KTM working well, but I haven't found a new home for the KLR.  After doing maintenance on both bikes, I realized that I could leave the KTM ready for the trip and still ride the KLR.  Hmmmnnnn.....  Maybe having two bikes isn't such a bad idea.

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