Monday, August 2, 2010


Early this spring, it was cold, wet, and windy. It was a personal challenge to get any riding in on the motorcycles. Then, suddenly in late May, Michigan turned to hot and humid with plenty of rain and serious thunderstorms. All that got me interested in the idea of having a thermometer on the bike. At least that way, I could tell with authority why I was uncomfortable.

I settled on a Marlin's, partly because its the biggest and easiest to read and partly because he is a Michigan business. That way, I get to pay sales tax.

There are lots of ways of mounting gauges like this to a bike. I chose a mounting that hid my fork stem and was partly shaded by the handlebar. I enjoyed making the curvy shaped mount. Its really too fancy for the KLR, but it looks good anyway.


  1. Very nice, Jac. Don't stop now. Take it off and use some emery cloth to put a nice finish on your metal work! Ask yourself, what would the Italians do? Style, man, style!

    Of course if I'd made it I'd drill lightening holes in it. That would be my German training coming through. No wait, the Germans would make it out of cast metal -- probably magnesium -- and it would hold at least two other instruments and use 8 torx screws to attach it.

  2. Doug,

    Actually I already started with 600 grit, then 1000, 2000, hi cut polishing compound, fine polishing compound, and wax. Of course, I didn't polish it as long as I would for a mirror finish. I was going for a matte finish. I thought the mirror would be too much style for a KLR.

  3. I'm proud of you, Jac. Just don't let the KLR police find out what you've done. For them, rattle can flat black does it all; anything more marks you as a dilettante.